Sunday, May 28, 2006

# 2 - By the childbridge,
the shadowbard sat lemontreehigh, hiding lightningrodhigh

Sunsharp coldbite morningdew
greyblack her smile

Candyfloss eastern bellwhisper
Passes by
Tomatoplump western rumbleshuffle
Idles by
Wordwhisked irongate monkeytrample
Sweeps by

Here is spectraltooth rootloose on steppingstones
Nerudacloudcollar, latterday antics,
flowerdust to tarmacthorns
basehappy lonecog

Here is bungysledge to pseudoheads
cuckoopopped into smokemushrooms cloud
wallbase smacked into baseridge
Jungeyean dream, Scapeisi’m grey,
sunquiver to lucidsight

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