Friday, January 05, 2007

Dorje and the eightfold path in Buddhism

Spokedwheel teachpath is doctrineroll is lawtoil
Kingtop downspin tragedie to Beggarbottom upspin comedie
Underright standsand is wisedumb
Intendright tensemud is domewise

In the prongtip of the fourcrown the mountpeak go pyramidhard

Eightarm threeface is spinhappy is spiraltapping
Speakright paleeye candlesteel to Actionright hoodlive flickerburn
Ductconethic setpromoral whailwalewhirr whimwhackwit
ethicscript moralpost whitetwhackwar whatwherewarm

oilohm they toilwhom they soilbhoom they oilohm

in the lotusbase of the bellblade the leadersnappy go phallusbloat

woodbase fadecoat is pealhappy is penfat
effortright smokespine fullmind to centrationcon brickboat sheathrust
disciplinemental cortexsoak cogcurrcroon cegcrackcry
honourpsycho opticpanwax codechestcrest cureconcraze

raggold they hollowdream they dragold

i HUM i HeruUhaM

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